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Ante Basic ’90

Ante Basic ’90

Co-founder and co-portfolio manager of Trigon Investment Advisors

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Mr. Basic is the co-founder and co-portfolio manager of Trigon Investment Advisors, a global macro hedge fund with $500 million under management. He is responsible for all aspects of running Trigon, including the implementation of discretionary and quantitative trading strategies that invest in major global assets classes.

Mr. Basic began his career in finance while a student at Brooklyn College, performing programming and back office functions for equity options traders at the American Stock Exchange.

Upon graduation he joined Chase Manhattan Bank (1990-96) where he completed the Capital Markets Training Program and became head trader of a quantitative trading group, responsible for portfolio management, research and development of systematic and quantitative trading strategies.

Mr. Basic was co-founder, President and head trader of Global Capital Markets Strategies, a fund consultant and commodity trading advisory company (1996-99). He joined the MLC family of funds in 2000 as Managing Director and subsequently lunched Trigon in 2002 with a co-portfolio manager from MLC.

Mr. Basic graduated from Brooklyn College with a B.S. in Business, Management and Finance, and received his M.S. in Global Affairs from New York University.