Health & Wellness Initiative

The Health and Wellness Initiative (HWI) supports the academic mission of the college by providing resources that encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle and well-being among our students, faculty, and staff and aims to inspire everyone, at any level, to participate in activities that stimulate health and wellness.


Brooklyn College features a state-of-the-art athletics center, NCAA athletic teams, health clinic, personal counseling center, and many other services and initiatives that will help you keep your mind and body healthy.


Our wide range of programs, including courses in health and nutrition sciences, kinesiology and community health, offer a number of activities that prepare students to make a difference in promoting healthy lifestyles.


We are committed to sustainability through a wide array of campus initiatives, including our new degree program in urban sustainability, our campus garden, and green facilities operations.


Being a diverse and inclusive campus means addressing the needs of our various campus constituents. Brooklyn College strives to do so through a number of programs and initiatives that support and engage women, students with disabilities, those who identify as LGBTQ, veterans, and more.